Get Band 8 with IELTS Power Program

  • 40 hours of in-class learning

  • One day 1 module (NOT all 4)
  • Systematic practice and reflection on each module
  • Active learning
  • 3.5 hours each in-class session
  • Power tips and strategies
  • Instant marking and feedback
  • One to one speaking tests
  • Addressing every challenge
  • All markings as per IELTS criteria
  • Full material + latest tests provided
  • Performance evaluation
  • Mock tests provided

Professor – Navpreet Arora

IELTS Power Program GUARANTEES your success in learning English

IELTS - Learning
Special: In-class checking and instant feedback of each assignment
  • 5 Types of Essays
  • 3 Types of Letters (G)
  • 6 Types of Graphs (A)
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Vocabulary
  • Cohesive devices
  • Task achievement: Strong essay introduction, paragraphing and conclusion
  • Essay planning and time management
  • Sample essays and letter/graph provided
Special: Cue-card and Part I & III instructions
  • Part 1: How to answer general questions on familiar topics: home, family, work, studies and interests
  • Part 2: How to narrate and describe
  • Part 3: How to answer wide range of questions from factual to reflective questions
  • Part 4: Summarize and synthesize
  • Part 5: Analyze, state and support opinion, and advise
  • Right intonation, flow and fluency of speech
  • Practicing oral interviews
  • One to one speaking mocks with Navpreet Arora
Specific tips and strategies for each section and type of questions
  • The most confusing questions: True/False, Not Given
  • The most challenging questions: Match the Heading
  • Multiple Choice questions
  • Short answer questions
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Time Management
  • Transferring your answer
Specific tips and strategies for each section and each type of questions
  • Staying fully focused even if you lose the track
  • Staying fully engaged throughout the listening
  • The most confusing questions: Multiple Choice
  • The most challenging questions: Matching the Headings
  • Sentences completion
  • Short Answer questions

Navpreet Arora, OCELT, M.A., M.Phil, TESL(Ontario)
Ex Professor(ESL) Sheridan College (Canada)

Welcome to my power programs!

"Backed by strategies, Inspired by results"

My IELTS/CELPIP Power program truly provides the power of English language and assures your language enhancement.

Teaching Experience:

I hold, 9 years of teaching at Post Graduation level(overseas),

15 years of teaching CLBs 3-9(Canada),

3 years of teacher training to in-service teachers and TESOL students(Canada) and

20 years of teaching IELTS competencies(Canada).

Guaranteed 100% language enhancement.

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  • 65 hours of practice material

  • Full authentic practice material for each module
  • Feedback and area of improvement for each module
  • Organised practice for each module
  • Learning reflections
  • Mock tests
  • Guided home study schedule

Above all, progress report for each module

  • Module Practice Content
    Writing Each type of letter, essay and graph
    Reading Five question type
    Speaking Part 1- General questions on familiar topics
    Part 2- Cue Cards
    Part 3- Discussion questions
    Listening 3 question type and maps
    Vocabulary For 24 common topics